Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Canada

I've been watching the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics a fair bit over the last week. I'm so proud of our Canadian athletes. They've shown so much strength, dedication and perseverance. I think every one of them is a hero for representing our wonderful country with such pride. I've cheered for every Canadian athlete :) Every one of them makes me proud to be a Canadian.

I cried tears of joy and pride when Alexandre Bilodeau won our first gold medal on Canadian soil and my heart soared during the medal ceremony when our beautiful anthem was played as the flags were raised. What an amazing moment!!!! That pride is just as strong for Maelle Ricker, Christine Nesbitt and Jon Montgomery for their gold medal wins. Congratulations to all of them for winning gold on home soil!!!! Congratulations to Jenn Heil, Mike Robertson, Kristina Groves and Marianne St-Gelais for their medal wins!!!!

Congratulations to all of our athletes!!!! You are all amazing, you are all heroes, and you all make us so proud to be Canadian!!!

Go Canada go!!!!

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