Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Kind of Business Card

Darla, one of the wonderful ladies on one of the Yahoo groups that I moderate, created these beautiful business cards to randomly hand out. I think this is such a great idea!!!! Wouldn't you feel wonderful if someone handed you one of these? I'm thinking of creating some myself so that I too can spread some much needed cheer in our world.

Read the card and take it to heart. It's meant for you :)


  1. Oh thanks, Heather! That was my card! Thanks so much for sharing the idea! I think it is well worth passing along ~Darla

  2. Thanks Darla!!!! I had saved the card because I love it so, but couldn't find it again to give proper credit. Your name is now included in the post. Thanks for sharing the card in the first place --- I think you must be an amazing woman to do something so wonderful. {{{{Hugs}}}}

  3. You are too sweet! Have a fabulous time sharing the good vibes!!